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Paola Natalucci

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Hey, welcome!Are you ready to finally speak English fearlessly?To find your English voice, and feel like yourself when you have to speak English too?You deserve to.
And... You can do it.
You might just need to change the way you work on it.I'm here to help :)Flowing English Neurolanguage Coaching helps people go from stuck to flowing both in Barcelona, and online, everywhere in the world,With live language coaching sessions.Scroll down to find out more.Are you here for my free resources? Scroll all the way down, and download them all!

Where language coaching can take you:

No more fear & shame of speaking English at work.No more racing hearts & sweaty palms when you have to speak English.No more feeling like you have fewer opportunities in life because your spoken English isn't good enough.No more feeling like that one person who can't be part of the conversation at international company meetings.No more running from small talk at conferences.Speak English with confidence, authority & clarity.
Be fearless.
Get that fellowship -- and move abroad for some time.Rock that presentation -- and impress your boss.Impress your recruiter -- and get that job, with its better pay and international environment.Present your paper at that conference -- and be the next visiting professor.

How it actually works:

We will co-create course content, create learning strategies & habits designed on what you need.We will find out what that is in an initial call, free of charge.There will be self-coaching, mindset work, and I will offer you a safe space where you can play, learn, and make the English language start working for you.So you can stop working for it.Forget teaching as you know it.
No books.
No set programme.
Complete personalization.
(This is Prada, not Primark).We will set goals,
Decide on a time frame of your choice.
We will have regular checks on where we are on your journey.
You will decide your pace.
Get to a point where English stops being an obstacle.
Speak it, control it, and make it into the amazing tool it is, and do what YOU want to do.

So... What now?

1. Have a look at my free resources below.... and get to work! Enjoy!2. Get in touch with me by filling in my form,
to schedule a 20 to 30 minute chat where we can meet, you can tell me what you need, and I can tell you more about Neurolanguage CoachingĀ®.
No sales pitch, no offers, just a conversation.

No one to speak with? No problem.
Find out how to start speaking by yourself.
No audience, no stress.

Been learning for years & still can't speak?
Get my self-coaching guide, and start discovering why that may be.

Curious?Let's have a chat, so you can tell me what you think you need to work on, and I can share a little about Neurolanguage CoachingĀ®, because... It is unclear to many!20 to 30 minutes, no sales here.Click on the button below and fill in the form, so I can get totally ready to talk to you, and make the best of our time together.

About Flowing English

My mission with Flowing English is to coach as many people as possible into actually speaking English fearlessly, being kind to themselves while learning, discovering a whole new world in the process...Out there, and inside themselves.Because that's what speaking a language well does for us: it exposes us to different realities, and different perspectives.
And this changed my life.
I want to help you go through the same amazing process of discovery and empowerment.Living and working in another language is actually one of the most vulnerable human experiences there are out there, and...It's about a lot more than having perfectly correct grammar.Living and working in another language is actually one of the most vulnerable human experiences there are out there.If you are struggling with it, you deserve to get all the help you can to navigate it :)

About me

I wouldn't be who I am if I hadn't lived almost half of my life as the foreigner who has to figure it all out:learning a language, getting a job, making friends, and most of all, understanding how to not look or sound like a total nugget.So... I probably know how you feel when you have to speak English.I felt that way in many other languages!

My name is Paola.I speak English, Italian, Spanish, French and German.Fluently, or pretty fluently.Raised in Milan, Italy, with bits and pieces of life spent in the UK,living abroad since 2008.Based in Barcelona for the last few years.